News:July 2013
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NEW FREE CONTENT plus Discounts! Only July 26th to July 28th!
POSTED ON 26/07/13 07:04
Every home needs an elegant study, complete with vintage décor. Check out our special weekend discount and FREE downloads! For a limited time only, from Friday July 26th 12:01 AM PDT to Sunday July 28th 11:59 PM PDT

40% OFF! Club Vaindenburger Study!

FREE!! Retronik Lectronik by Phonokronik!

FREE! Realtor's Baggage Props!

Run your own restaurant!
POSTED ON 18/07/13 18:30

Never wonder what’s in your food again. Open your own restaurant and treat your Sims to a delicious culinary experience. Good food, good service, good company, get the Business as Usual Bistro at the Sims 3 Store today!
Unapologetically Modern
POSTED ON 02/07/13 18:30
Whether your Sim is a starving artist or a young modern day professional, build them the loft of their dreams. Old buildings and brick walls are not a thing of the past but the new hip and modern living.

Get the Coffee Bean Hipster Loft at the Sims 3 Store today!