News:December 2012
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The Sims 3 Goodie Box
POSTED ON 20/12/12 17:00
Come one! Come all! Take a chance and open a Sims 3 Store Goodie Box – the latest innovation from the Sims 3 Store! Offering the entire store catalogue of home décor and CAS items, the Goodie Boxes give you a chance to win completely random items and sets! For those lucky enough – you might even receive a gold version of a world (if you don’t already own it)! You only have until January 8th, 2013, so take a chance and win some amazing Home Décor and CAS items with the Sims 3 Goodie Boxes!

: The Goodie Boxes are separated by Home Décor and CAS. You cannot win Home Décor in CAS Goodie Boxes, and you cannot win CAS items in Home Décor Goodie Boxes.
Now Introducing: Your new local farmer’s market!
POSTED ON 06/12/12 18:00
No need to rely on just grocery stores when you can now get your fresh produce from your local farmer’s market! The Al Fresco Market is the new venue the Sims 3 Store is releasing in celebration of The Sims 3 Monte Vista, which was also released today! Not only is it the perfect venue to add to Monte Vista, but it’s a great addition to any world or town you own. The Al Fresco Market includes the Humble Harvest Stands – where your Sims can purchase seed to plant new harvestables , converse with neighbors, and even make a few simoleons off of produce from your garden! Get it today!