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Lucky Palms – Available Today!
POSTED ON 28/06/12 17:00
Today’s the Day! Lucky Palms is now available at The Sims 3 Store! We’re incredibly proud and excited to offer you our brand new world!

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Special Offer: For a limited time you can receive three (3) exclusive Lucky Palms cacti in a special SimPoint bundle. You can’t receive these cacti ANYWHERE ELSE so be sure to take advantage soon before time runs out!

World Edition Details:
  • Lucky Palms Standard Edition: Includes the new Lucky Palms world and the Wishing Well premium item
  • Lucky Palms Gold Edition: Includes the new Lucky Palms world, Wishing Well premium item, Lucky Simoleon Casino, Slot Machine premium item, & BlackJack Table premium item
The Wishing Well!
POSTED ON 27/06/12 16:00
The post you have all been waiting for. More on the wishing well! One of our favorite premium items, the wishing well is a highlight of Lucky Palms! Want to find out more about what it does? Read on!

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The wishing well is at the heart of Lucky Palms history!

Armed with an ancient treasure map, three brothers made their way across the desert and found the fabled well of wishes! The first brother wished for wealth and he was showered with gold. The second brother wished for power and when he returned home he was appointed the mayor of his town. The third brother wished for love, met the girl of his dreams, started a family, and founded a town near the well that survives to this day.

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Here’s how it works!

  • Wish for Love, Wealth, Power, Happiness, or even a Child!
  • Make sure to dip your fishing hook in the Well – you’ll catch some amazing fish regardless of your Fishing Skill level!
  • If you have the Tree of Prosperity on your lot, pixies and fireflies in the Well become very active in the evening!
  • If you have The Sims 3 Pets installed, the Child you wish for may not be what you expect.
  • If you’ve got sticky fingers, you can steal coins from the Well. You may get wet, or you may get lucky.
  • Slot Machine Includes additional functionality when the Wishing Well is installed in your game: Use a Lucky Coin that you steal from the Wishing Well to play for Lucky Coin stakes (equivalent to §1500 Buy-In) to increase your odds of hitting a big jackpot!
Lucky Palms – Unwanted Roommates!
POSTED ON 27/06/12 00:12
There is nothing more awkward than having a roommate that you didn’t ask for and don’t really want around and there are several families in Lucky Palms who know that all too well.


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Ezekiel inherited his father's home back when there was still a lake in the lake bed. Unfortunately for him, when the water vanished the real estate's value did too. Unable to sell and too poor to leave he found a paying roommate in military cadet Pansy Northrop. Can this unlikely twosome cohabitate in peace, or will their differing personalities lead to conflict?

Three is a Crowd

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Young lovers Vivienne and Oscar relocated after Viv was offered her dream job at the local science lab. Oscar's best friend Clark tagged along, but, unable to find work, ended up crashing permanently on their couch. Can this young romance survive their unexpected house guest?

Claremont Family

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When Morgan took a new job in a new town he had no idea that his mother-in-law would be tagging along! What was supposed to be a "short visit" when their first child was born has turned into an extended stay. Will true love triumph over a meddlesome mother-in-law?
When you have roommates the most important room of the house is your bedroom! It’s your own private sanctum; the place where you can go to escape the noise, mess, and other annoying qualities of your roommate. To help your Sims cope we’re putting a few of our bedroom sets on sale!
Lucky Palms – New Plants!
POSTED ON 26/06/12 01:32
Plants! New plants as far as the eye can see! Lucky Palms has a ton of new plants to make your Sims’ lives a bit more…green.

Check out all of the new plants in Lucky Palms!

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Yucca Plant without Blossoms
  • Still not yucky, but not as nice as the one with blossoms.
Yucca Plant with Blossoms
  • It’s beautiful, not at all yucky.

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Prickly Pear Cactus with Fuschia Flowers
  • A prickly cactus is a fine thing, and it is made even finer by the addition of beautiful flowers. While you may be tempted to pick the flowers please refrain. The cactus comes with a built in defense.

Prickly Pear Cactus with Orange Flowers
  • The cactus is a curious creature. It is covered in needles which scream, “Stay away from me!” But it is also covered in lovely orange flowers which whisper, “Come closer…” Whatever you choose, be sure.

Click to see a larger image.

Prickly Pear Cactus with Yellow Flowers
  • The cactus is truly the queen of the desert! And this cactus wears her crown of yellow flowers. All hail the queen! Keep your distance, because she has quite a temper.
Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Beware of the prickly prickers so you keep from sticking your finger while interacting with this fine cactus. Bandages not included.
Joshua Tree
  • Once there was a young man named Joshua who left home and never returned. His mother wept furiously and a sapling sprung from the earth where her tears fell. The family named the tree for the young man, and even today it bears his name.
Mesquite Tree
  • Not to be confused with the annoying mosquito, the mesquite tree is not only silent, but it's tasty on potato chips.
Desert Palm Tree
  • Voted #1 palm tree in the desert six years in a row, the Desert Palm Tree is a must for every desert locale.
Palm Royal
  • The palm tree favored by royalty everywhere.
To get you ready for the influx of plants we’re offering some of our best wooden sets on sale!
Lucky Palms Families!
POSTED ON 24/06/12 15:00
Who will be Top Chef of Lucky Palms? In this calm town lies a fued! Romon Tanner has been the best chef in Lucky Palms as long as the town can remember. Now a young upstart has moved to town with a fancy degree and even fancier lifestyle. Who will reign supreme?

Meet Lennon Sosa

A top student from the prestigious Fromage Grille cooking school Lennon has a big appetite and even bigger dreams! Known for his lavish parties, robust garden, and scrumptious cuisine he quickly became a town.

Meet The Tanner Family!

Four generations of cooking excellence define the Tanner family name, but now an upstart with a fancy pedigree has come to challenge the Tanners as the best chefs in town. Will Ethan's home grown culinary skills triumph over the formal training of his nemesis?

Want to get your kitchen ready to compete? Check out some of these Kitchen sets on sale until June 28th!
Lucky Palms Locations!
POSTED ON 23/06/12 15:00
The live chat focused on some of the amazing locations in Lucky Palms including some of SimGuruSarah’s favorites! Let’s explore them, shall we?

Here’s a flat view of the cactus pond in the botanical garden. It’s overlooked by the newly recolored City Hall! It’s a great place to view all of the new and amazing plants with Lucky Palms AND it’s a public garden where you can pick produce.

Like the Perigee in Lunar Lakes, the Bistro is the focal point of Lucky Palm. This rabbit hole is a chic restaurant for your Sims. They’ll eat on the inside and if you have outdoor cooking items, you can even eat outdoors!

To help you get in the spirit of the outdoors, we’ve put these outdoor sets on sale! Pick them up before the world launches on June 28th!


Day 5 – Live Broadcast
POSTED ON 22/06/12 23:39
What are you doing here when there’s a Live Broadcast happening! Head to the broadcast page on at 10:00am Pacific Time to watch Producer Sarah Holding walk you through the ins and outs of Lucky Palms.

Did you miss it? Head on over to anyway to watch the replay!

Have you missed any sales lately? Check out the items on sale until June 28th!
Day 4 – Casino Tie-in
POSTED ON 22/06/12 00:00
If you haven’t already purchased The Lucky Simoleon Casino, what are you waiting for? Today is the last day of the Early Bird discount for The Lucky Simoleon and you’ve seen how amazing the casino looks in this new world.

What better to fit a desert oasis landscape than a cool casino where you can spend your time, try your luck and maybe win the simoleons to make your dreams come true!

The Lucky Simoleon starts with a cascading fountain and glorious octopus sign to greet you at the door.

Inside it’s time to test your luck on games of chance and games of skill. Watch as a robot dealer hands you cards and takes your bets.

Need more incentive? Just launched today the Everybody Have Fun Tonight compilation puts all of the “Vegas” themed sets on sale! Not to mention all of these other venues on sale until June 28th!

Everybody Have Fun Tonight Compilation
Gothique Library
Olympian Physique

Day 3: Dreamer & Matlapin Families
POSTED ON 20/06/12 15:00
Do you remember Darren & Dirk Dreamer from The Sims 2? A widower trying to move on after the tragic death of his wife, Darleen, takes care of his son in the Sims 2 world of Pleasantview! But now… You can see the Dreamers from the very beginning! Rewind to a time when love was new. When a young Darleen Matlapin still lived with her parents and a striving artist Darren had yet to vie for her affections. Play their romance from the beginning flirt to having their dear son Dirk!

In Lucky Palms perhaps history won’t repeat itself!

Meet (Again!) Darren Dreamer:

A talented artist with eccentric tastes Darren hates the outdoors, yet has a passion for painting landscapes through large windows. Rumor has it that his home came with a swimming pool, but he had it filled it so he could build a cactus garden in his backyard. Though art is his passion, being a stay-at-home bachelor is lonely there special Sim somewhere who is perfect match for Darren?

Meet (Again!) the Matlapin Family:

The Matlapin family are new in town, but thanks to Mariana's natural charm and social graces they are already well known and well-liked by their neighbors. Their daughter Darleen has a dreamy disposition and an interest in the arts…and romance! Will Darleen find the man of her dreams amid the shifting sands?
Day 2: Meet The...Fast, Fun, Free.
POSTED ON 19/06/12 22:59
Meet The Fast, Fun, Free Sims of Lucky Palms! These Sims live the high life, play hard and don’t let things get them down.

Meet the Vokoban Household:

Eli is frugal which has made him rich. Being rich has attracted the lovely Lina Lancaster to his side. Eli has showered the young Lina with gifts and provided her with own posh suite in his manion, but Eli doesn't know that Lina is pregnant, a secret which may tear these two apart.

Meet Jaycen Hendrix:

Born with a silver spoon is his mouth everything has always come easy to Jaycen. He relocated to the desert town to work in the business career and to learn the skills that will someday help him when he inherits his father's company. He works hard and plays harder. He collects cars and expensive art in his desert mansion, and entertains a host of lady friends.

Meet Yolanda Shaw:

Flirty, but a commitment phobe Yolanda likes bright colors and short, short skirts. She doesn't mean to flirt with all the boys…it just seems to happen. Yolanda likes to have a good time and doesn't want to be tied down. She works in the Music career. Yolanda is pregnant, and playboy Jaycen Hendrix is the father.

With the Fast, Fun, Free Sims life is all about love, attention, and money! Want to outfit these Sims and their lifestyles in style? Check out these sets on sale until June 28th:
Indulgent Living
Luxury Spa Set
Luxe Loungewear
Luxe Lounge Spa
Luxury Resort Attire
Welcome to Lucky Palms!
POSTED ON 18/06/12 18:06
We’re so excited and proud to announce our upcoming world, Lucky Palms! This world is one our favorites and if you stay with us we’ll show you all of the reasons we love it and more!

With ample parks, recreation, opportunities, and a thriving culinary scene Lucky Palms is an island of green amid shifting sands. This desert enclave offers manicured gardens, modern estates, and cozy abodes nestled on the banks of a pristine lake. At the heart of town a mysterious well is said to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart….what will you wish for?

Stay tuned here every day for more information about
Lucky Palms and great deals on other Sims 3 Store sets. And while you wait? For today June 18th only receive 25% off Lunar Lakes! If you haven’t had a chance to purchase our world that’s “out of this world”, now’s your chance!

[Additional Screenshots] Click for a larger image.

EA announces The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack!
POSTED ON 13/06/12 19:17
EA announces The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack! Enter the mysterious town of Moonlight Falls, where strange things happen by the light of the moon. Create supernatural beings from menacing werewolves and cackling witches to mischievous fairies and newer, more intriguing vampires. You can mix dozens of elixirs, turn Sims into zombies or even transform them into gold! Then, share your enchanted brews with any friends who have The Sims 3.Check out the spooky new video here and preorder now to receive the Limited Edition version featuring content from Plants vs. Zombies!
Embrace the Supernatural
POSTED ON 13/06/12 12:00
Get an exclusive first look at The Sims 3 Supernatural! At 10:00 am PST on Tuesday, June 19, Assistant Producer  Megan Myers will show off features from this spooky new pack in a live broadcast that will dive into one of the game's newest supernatural Sims, the werewolf! Get an overview of the creepy new town of Moonlight Falls as well as a sneak-peek into the mysterious and magical gameplay this pack brings. Megan will also be answering your questions live from and Twitter. This is the first part in a series of live producer broadcasts, so check back often as the mists clear over the world of The Sims 3 Supernatural!
Visit the Lucky Simoleon!
POSTED ON 07/06/12 16:00
Double Down! Spin the Wheel! It's time to test your luck at the brand new venue from The Sims 3 Store: The Lucky Simoleon Casino!

Escape the drudgery of daily life and try your hand at some good old fashioned gambilng! When your Sim visits The Lucky Simoleon casino, the odds are that they'll have a fantastic time!

The Lucky Simoleon features TWO all-new premium items the Hit 'em Harder Blackjack Table and the Triple Riches Slots o' Jackpots Slot Machine!