SimGuruTaterTot's Blog
: August 2012
New TaterTot!
POSTED ON 28/08/12
Hi Everyone!

I'm the new TaterTot, and for now am referring myself as TaterTot Version 2.0 (because you can never replace the first TaterTot). I should REALLY have posted this a few days ago, but needless to say, Sunlit Tides kept me busy!

I'm really glad to be here and excited to help release more awesome content to make the Sims 3 even more awesome. And yes, I do play the Sims 3! 

Catch you all later! And get Sunlit Tides! How can you not enjoy a tropical oasis with Fall fast approaching??

- TaterTot V2

Tatertot is Dead....Long Live Tatertot! - More Sunlit Tides Screenshots
POSTED ON 20/08/12
Alright guys, the time has come for me to say goodbye!  Tatertot is off to get married and when I come back from the honeymoon I won't be working in the same place. *cry* I know so sad! 

But don't worry! I'll still be on the Sims team, just in the background and there is a NEW Tatertot for you guys.  She will be introducing herself soon. Take good care of her because she's awesome (and she'll have to change the avatar).

She's just as excited about the Sims as I was so prepare for awesomeness!

So long and thanks for all of the fish.


To help get over your sadness, here are more Sunlit Tides Shots!

Sunlit Tides
POSTED ON 15/08/12




This world is perfect.
New SimPoint Bundle In Game!
POSTED ON 13/08/12
So we're testing out a brand new SimPoint bundle, don't get too excited everyone, it's only for the new purchasers!

If you're new to the Store we want to make it easy for you to try and buy our amazing content, that's why we're offering a new SimPoint bundle.

If you are a new Store Customer you can find a special SimPoint bundle in the In-Game Store. (You can also find the In Game Store by starting your game and clicking on the shopping icon.)

This SimPoint bundle will hopefully give you a graceful introduction into the store, allowing you to become a power user like our many loyal fans. 

Are you a new purchaser? Did you get the bundle? Let me know in The Sims 3 Store Forums!