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Latest Update for: 1.2.7
POSTED ON 25/06/09 20:00
Complete list of changes:
  • Addresses some issues with Speed 2 and 3 moving too slowly. Some machines will have better results when using Speed 2 and 3 now.
  • Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle.
  • Fix for a possible crash with audio code.
  • Fix for babysitter routing off lots with babies.
  • Addresses some issues with Vsync and refresh rate problems.
  • Addresses some issues with DVD authentication errors and drive compatibility on startup.
  • This update deals with some issues on Mac systems that can crash the game while connecting to AFP servers.
  • Fix for a freeze that can occur when Sims attempt to clean out bad food from the fridge.
Pixie Lott recording Mama Do in Simlish!
POSTED ON 19/06/09 17:32
Take a look behind the scenes as Pixie Lott records her hit single ‘Mama Do’ in Simlish.  Pixie recently released both versions on i-tunes, which helped her shoot to number one in the UK, and is currently being “simified” for the game.  So why not take a sneak peak behind the scenes as she records her Simlish version of Mama Do. 

Go behind the scenes with Pixie
New Tutorial Stories
POSTED ON 16/06/09 19:45
We’ve got new tutorials up: “How to change the active household” and “How to upload a Lot to the Exchange”.

Check them out
Fansite Q&A with The Sims 3 Website
POSTED ON 10/06/09 20:52

1. So tell us a little bit about your fansite.  How long have you been running thesims2/3website and who do you have on your team?
I have been running The Sims 2 (now 3) Website for 5 years single handedly. When the news spread about The Sims 2 being released, it was difficult to find a single place with the latest news, screenshots, videos, interviews etc in one place. So, instead of hunting high and low for this website, I created one. 5 years later, it is still one of the most popular, and longest running, Sims based fansites on the internet!

2. What made you want to create the site and what do you enjoy most about running it?
By having your own website about the game makes it feel more personal to you. It makes you more excited about the release of the sequel as over time you are putting all the information about this new game that isn't even out yet together, building up a picture of how it will be like when you do get to play it. Exciting!

3. The release of The Sims 3 is right around the corner now.  Out of all of the details you have heard about The Sims 3, what excites you the most?
The most exciting detail for me is the open neighbourhood! Just to be able to walk around town without a loading screen is a plus! To see every Sim around you change over time, along with the Sim you are currently playing is magical. It just makes the Sims seem more like reality... the only difference is your in control.

4. There is an extensive list of personality traits that your Sim could take.  Any combinations caught your eye?
A couple of combinations have caught my eye that remind me a little bit of myself which I will be using; perfectionist, natural cook, friendly, snob and ambitious. I'll let you know how that goes!

5. The open neighbourhood is a huge change to previous titles.  What do you think this will bring to The Sims 3?  Do you see this as a positive change?
The open neighborhoods is a huge change to the game as we know it! I think it is a feature we always wanted but never thought would be possible. It will bring a new dimension to the way we play and interact with every Sim in the game. Each action will change the actions of other Sims in the neighborhood, allowing for a continuing and evolving story all the way through the game.

6. The options for customisation offer so much more variation for the Simmer with The Sims 3.  From what you have seen of CAS and the CAST tool, what are your thoughts on these areas?
CAS and CAST offer a lot more customization to your Sims world. I found that in The Sims 2 you often designed every house the same way due to the limited customizability of each item. In The Sims 3, you can still pick similar items of furniture, wallpaper, clothes for your Sims, but completely change them to their own unique style. A feature I cannot wait to play with!

7. There have been changes in the way that you ‘manage’ your Sims with The Sims 3, including the use of moodlets, wishes along with other changes to goals and skills.  What has caught your eye about these new aspects?

These new aspects will make the game even more enjoyable with the story you want to create and the aims you have for each Sim; without making sure they get to the toilet on time, or eat their dinner. Having a long term goal for each Sims will allow the player to 'follow the yellow brick road' to help their Sim succeed and be able to watch the story unfold.

8. Have you made any plans for the Sims that you intend to create and play once The Sims 3 is released?
My plan is to create this large, stylish family house for my single Sim, get them a career in Education, fall in love, have two children, get a bigger house, get a new wife, more children, reach the top of the Education career, and retire in the newly built mansion of Sunset Valley.

9. Are there any ideas that you had hoped to be included that, as far as you are aware, have not made the game this time?
The only idea I think is missing is the weather. As with the release of The Sims 2, we were told there was going to be weather, but due to technical issues, this was removed from the original release. I think having an open neighborhood where everything constantly changes around you, weather is a feature that impacts the way everyone lives and what they do. Lets hope they will bring this feature into another expansion pack... again.

10.What kind of content about The Sims 3 do you have on your site now and what do you plan to include and showcase after release?
Currently, The Sims 3 Website has news, screenshots, videos, interviews, and official downloads for The Sims 3. Like we did for The Sims 2, we were well known for the quality of the houses we uploaded to the website.  With the release of The Sims 3, we will be including even bigger, better houses to download, customizable items, and of course all the latest information on The Sims 3 and future expansion packs. Here's to another 5 years!

11. What reaction have you had from your site visitors about The Sims 3?

The reaction is excitement! I've had thousands of e-mails over the last year from Sim players about how much they are looking forward to getting their hands on the game, what story's they will create, what they wish was in the game, etc. The Sims 3 is highly anticipated across The Sims community, and I cannot wait to read and review visitors comments on their thoughts of the game.

12. Llamas and Sims: discuss?!

Llamas and Sims? Always has been an interesting combination. I'm hoping that one day Llamas will be in the game just like werewolves, vampires, and zombies have! Bella: "Mortimer, have you seen my Llama?"; Mortimer: "Have I seen your Llama in this wide open, Sim infested neighborhood?.. No.".

The Sims 3 via download
POSTED ON 04/06/09 22:45

Did you know you can now download The Sims 3 from the official EA Store? Simply click here to visit the store and start the download, you can be playing The Sims 3 soon!