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Cyber Monday Deals - Up to 75% Off
POSTED ON 28/11/11 17:30
Cyber Monday is here and with it, some incredible deals at The Sims 3 Store. You now have access to items that have been vaulted away like the popular Ultra Lounge Set, storewide discounts on all The Sims 3 Store's sets, and the steepest discounts of the season in a Daily Deal extravaganza.  Hurry, the deal ends November 30!
Shop Cyber Monday Deals - Up to 75% Off
POSTED ON 28/11/11 17:00
CyberMonday is here and we hope that you're prepared to get amazing discounts at The Sims 3 Store. Keep in mind that the deals are in limited supply for a limited time, so shop soon! Check out what's in store:

The Vault Opens!
Missing some of your favorite items and sets that are no longer available? For a very limited time the vault has reopened giving you the chance to stock up on rare and popular items including the full Ultra Lounge Set, StoryBook Set and Asian Fusion Set.

Storewide Set Sale
Just a few items on sale? Not in our store!  For a few short days we've put over 40 of our sets on sale. So whether you're hectic or zen,  mediterranean or morrocan, futuristic or old school - there's a set waiting with your name on it.  Save up to 50% on sets now.

72 Deals in 72 Hours!
The Daily Deals just got a shot of caffeine! During Cyber Monday we're offering deals not daily, but hourly with the steepest discounts of the season. Don't forget to refresh! You don't want to miss any of these items up to 75% off. Shop now, while it lasts!

Are You Ready for Cyber Monday? - 15% off SimPoint Bundles!
POSTED ON 23/11/11 17:00
Cyber Monday is coming and the deals will be going fast! To help get you ready we're offering a special discount on all SimPoint bundles from now until Cyber Monday, November 28th. Stock up on SimPoints so you don't miss a minute. Grab your coupon code today!