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: September 2013
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Designer Alan Copeland has reallyoutdone himself with Midnight Hollow! In this in-depth review of The GoldenTicket Toy Shop Venue, available exclusively in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Gold Edition, you'll find out exactly what makes this aone-of-a-kind venue! 

 One of my favorite things about MidnightHollow is its uniqueness. I love all of the wildly diverse stories youcan tell around this town and The Golden Ticket Toy Shop venue,available exclusively with the Gold version of Midnight Hollow, adds a wholenew dimension to that storytelling experience.  

This fun new shopcomes with the Savvy Seller’sCollection that comes withMidnight Hollow, but also a ton of new items. While there is an old section ofthe store that shows a time when all of the toys were hand crafted, theupstairs shows how these items are made presently — The Titanic Toy Machine!

With over a dozendifferent toys that it can make, TheTitanic Toy Machine hassomething for all ages!   

Some of the itemsinclude the new baby mat!

Everyone enjoys flying a kite!  But make sure you don’t get struck bylightning!

If your toddlermoves to the beat of a different drum, then get them beating that drum as earlyas possible. Help your little virtuoso get an early start with the new toydrum. 

The new Clown inthe Box can be a bit moody. Turn the crank to find out if he will be happy orsad.

We also have thereturn of Sir-Bricks-A-Lot along with a variety of other new toddler toys likethe toy train.

And what kiddoesn’t want remote controlled cars and robots?!

There are a lotmore little items that come with TheTitanic Toy Machine, including cute little things to decorate with, likethese fun toy animal balloons.

This is easily themost Premium Content that we’ve ever put into one venue, so make sure you’reready on September 26, 2013 toget the gold version of Midnight Hollow and TheGolden Ticket Toy Shop!