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: March 2013
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The Sims 3 University Life launch day has finally arrived here in the UK! This is an extremely exciting time because we finally get to see how you’ll play University Life and hear the new stories that you’ll tell with all the exciting content in this pack. Last month, we hosted a sneak peek for some community members and we were really excited to see their positive reactions to the game – now it’s your turn. 

One thing that really excites me about the launch of University Life is that this expansion pack has a little something for everyone. The new university  world provides lots of objects, venues, skills, and gameplay to reveal untold stories. Your Sim can be an academic genius or a social butterfly. They can live in a variety of different housing options – dorms, apartments or a sorority or fraternity house and be a member of different social groups, from jocks, to nerds to rebels. Dabble a little bit in each social group or gain top influence with one, it’s up to you. 

For the studious Sims – the entire campus is their classroom. Sims will have to balance their lives and work hard for good grades. To advance through the educational process, Sims will have to attend classes, take notes and try not to fall asleep during lectures. Maybe your Sim will cheat to pass a test? Outside of the classroom, Sims will participate in study groups, and interact with special major-specific objects. Being an artistic person myself and always doodling, one of my favorite additions is the new sketchbook for Fine Arts majors!

For those Sims who are more focused on making their University Life a social experience, there are lots of new things to do. Your Sims can build influence with one or all of the social groups, play kicky bag in the quad, flirt or fall in love, and use their new smartphones to tap into all the latest activities going on around campus. The smartphone allows your Sims to build their Social Networking skills by blogging, texting, taking photos and streaming videos. Sims can also use their smartphone to check their influence among the new social groups. 

For Sims who want to explore the campus there are new venues like the bowling alley, Student Union and Keith’s Komics. Rebellious Sims may find their niche at the Grotto where the rebels like to hang out. Here they can gain special Street Art skills by  painting walls, ground murals and spray painting graffiti.  

For Sims that are really ambitious, there is an opportunity to join my favorite new career - Video Game Developer. I began creating computer animated short films and video games while I was attending university and I quickly learned that making fun interactive experiences for people to play and explore was what I really wanted to do for my career. I am really excited that players will now be able to create a similar story in their game. Sims that love to play video games and have an interest in the arts will thrive in this new career.
In The Sims 3 University Life, your Sims are sure to meet new Sims and experience the ups and downs of college, like choosing a roommate, throwing amazing parties like a juice kegger or bonfire or even spearheading a protest on campus. Maybe your Sim will have their first kiss? See what happens when you experiment with the new dare system in the game! 

All of these stories and more are possible! We hope you love The Sims 3 University Life as much as we do! Share your stories with us on the forums, Facebook and Twitter! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in this game! The Sims 3 University Life is now available across retailers and on, you can get it here!

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