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: September 2013
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John and Jane Doe appear to be a happy family, with 3 children, Jason, Jenn, and Jason. John Doe is rising in the ranks at his corporate job. He feels successful in life and supported by his family. He works hard but comes home in enough time to teach his kids a lesson or two about life and talk to his wife about her day. Jane is the perfect "June Cleaver" house wife from her neat hairstyle to her fashionable yet conservative dress. She's neat, nurturing, loves her kids and can make a mean pot roast! What could be wrong with that? Yet there seems to be something off behind those perfectly practiced plastic smiles…

GoodAfternoon, Doe Family! Thank you for letting us be here today. You have alovely home.


John: Well that’s all due to my wife Jane here. The light of my life keeps my home perfect and welcoming.


Jane: Oh, John. You’re making me blush!


Aren’t you guys precious. Let’s start off with you telling me a little bit about your selves!


Jane: Would you like some more tea?


Uhm. No thank you. The cup you gave me just moments ago with the fresh baked scones is excellent.


John: There’s nothing to tell really.I’m living the dream in the corporate life and I come home to a beautiful wife,a clean home and excellent children!


Well,it all seems pretty excellent. So tell me, what brought you to Midnight Hollow?It seems a little dark for your sunny family.


Jane: *a little frantically* Are you sure you wouldn’t like that tea?

Joseph: *Gets up angrily, walks out of the house and slams the door*

Jenn: *Sits quietly and stares ahead with an eerie blank expression*

James: *Giggles and plays happily in the corner*

John: Uh. Heh. You know. Just a change of scenery. You never know where the winds will take you and all that.





So how about a tour of the house?


John: You know, it’s clear that Jane isn’t feeling too well. I think it’s time for you to go.

Posted by: SimGuru_UK