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: February 2013
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Earlier this week all of us on the UK Maxis team met the singer/songwriter featured on the sound track for the next Sims 3 Expansion Pack, The Sims™3 University Life. We asked Blaise a few questions and showed her the Sim we’d made of her. Enjoy :)


Q: Are you a fan of The Sims, and have you played it before?     

A: Yeah definitely! I used to play The Sims 2 all the time. I haven’t really played The Sims 3 but I used to play The Sims 2 all the time. I got really into it at one point and had all the expansion packs.


Q: Did you prefer creating the Sims, building the house, or playing with the Sims themselves?

A: I hardly actually used to play with them. I used to like making them, and making the house they lived in. So I used to do that, I like making it all, then I’d play with them for about 10 minutes, and then I just wanted to make a whole new family!


Q: How did you get the opportunity to be on the sound track for The Sims 3 University Life?

A: It’s all down to my great manager, he sorts out all the stuff like that and when he told me I was like ‘oh my gosh’, I couldn’t believe it because I didn’t actually know you could be on the sound track, and then when I heard about it I was like ‘wow!’. I heard about Pixie Lott doing one so it’s great. I’m quite excited, everyone I’ve told had been like ‘oh my  gosh!’ and can’t believe it!


Q: What was it like recording your song in Simlish?

A: It was really funny. I picked it up quite quickly though. I didn’t think I was going to pick it up that quickly. But it was crazy, I felt like I was speaking in... I felt like I was making it up as I was going along.


Q: What’s the process of making the song? Do they give you a ?

A: They gave me the lyrics translated, so it had the English and then in Simlish. So I knew the rhythm and everything of what I was singing. So that made it a bit easier, but I had a few mess ups.




We showed Blaise the process our content creator Craig, goes through to Sims someone. She was really please with the Sims and the clothes, but we wanted to give her some choice on Swimwear, so she picked and designed this section herself!



Q: What do you think of the Sim that we’ve made of you?

A: I think it looks so cool! I didn’t expect it to look as much like me as it does. The clothes are great, like how they’ve made the clothes look like the clothes from my photo shoot is great. I think it looks really good. I’m excited to play it and play myself!



Thanks to Blaise for coming to visit! Get the Blaise Sim in your game by downloading it from The Exchange


The Sims™ 3 University Life is out in the UK on 8th March, find out more about this EP and it’s soundtrack by liking our The Sims 3 UK Facebook page and reading Sims 3 blogs.


Check out Blaise's Official Facebook page and listen to her 'Thunderstorm' in Simlish, as featured on the University Life soundtrack, get it here!


Happy Simming,

SimGuru UK

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