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: September 2012
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In the mysterious world of Moonlight Falls, your Sims can choose to live as witches, werewolves, vampires and fairies or choose to be an ordinary Sim living amongst these supernatural characters. IHowever you choose, you will discover enchanting mysteries that are revealed by the light of the full moon and an all-new mystical world full of magic, mischief and mystery. From turning your rival into a toad to using the supernatural population control cheats to shape your world - you are sure to fall deeper in love with The Sims™ 3 with the addition of The Sims 3 Supernatural! This helpful Hints & Tips guide will hopefully help you to make the most of this exciting new world.

Creating the World you Want to Play
 Want to get rid of all zombies - this is one way to do it. Here is a cheat to control your supernatural population by adding or removing supernaturals. First open cheat mode by holding CTRL+SHIFT+C and type “testingcheatsenabled true”. Now go to the mailbox on your lot and shift click which will bring up some cheat options for your game. Select “Supernatural Population Control” and this will bring up the option to either add or remove supernatural Sims into your game. Clicking “Add Supernatural” will bring up the type of supernatural you want to add and turn Sims in the world into this supernatural type (except for the Sims in your household). The “Remove Supernatural” works the same way except it will remove all of the supernatural types you selected from the world (except if you have that supernatural type in your household).

Can’t Stand the Heat?
Vampires prefer to be outside when the sun is down so what do you do if you want to go outside and enjoy the sunlight? Without a healthy dose of sunscreen applied your vampire Sim you’ll receive a “Heating Up” moodlet. Create a Vampiric Sunscreen elixir using Bloodstone Powder and Valerian Root of course! If your Sim doesn’t take shelter soon they could pass out or even die. So just like real life, cover up! 

Reanimation Ritual 
Want another way to bring back people from the dead, as a zombie?  Visit the graveyard and use your level 10 spellcasting skills to bring your Sims’ loved ones back to life.  This spell is mighty powerful but be forewarned, there is always a chance of this ritual backfiring and which could end with your Sim turning into a brain eating zombie. 

Toadification Curse
Once your Sim reaches level four of your hidden spellcasting skill you’ll have the ability to turn other Sims heads into toad heads. Like most spells, there is a chance it will backfire and turn your Sim into a toad. Either way, it sure is fun to see a toad Sim snap flies out of the air with their long tongues. A kiss will turn the toad Sim back to normal. 

A Hunting We Will Go!   
One of the main benefits of being a werewolf is that your Sim can find anything from uncommon to rare collectables while they’re hunting. Can you find a rare truffle or the Glow Orb mushroom? You can choose to have your Sim hunt alone or in a pack.  What are you waiting for? Get started to see what you can find.

To Transform or Not to Transform
If you choose to play as a werewolf, the full moon will always transform your Sim into its werewolf form, but there are also a number of other things that cause this change.  If your Sim’s mood is too low they will receive a “Stressed Out” moodlet and if you don’t make them happy they’ll transform. As you develop your Sim’s hidden lycanthropy skill, you will gain more control over these forced transformations.

Fairy Auras 
When a fairy enters the room, they bring their auras with them. Your fairy Sim’s aura will affect the productivity and moods of other Sims within the area of projection. There are three different types of auras that you can emit depending on the level of your hidden fairy skill. The auras that are available are the Aura of Soothing, Aura of Body and Mind and Aura of Creativity.  Not only will these affect other Sims, but your fairy Sim will also reap the benefits.

Mirror, Mirror 
This mirror is more than a reflection; it can help your Sim in many ways.  When your Sim steps in front of this magic mirror a mystical face will appear, giving you the opportunity to ask questions or even get a magical makeover! There’s nothing like a healthy change to your duds and a new hairstyle.

Bonehilda is Back! 
One of the coolest things from The Sims 2 is now back in The Sims 3 Supernatural. Say hello to Bonehilda once again!  In The Sims 3, you too can have your very own live-in (or rather dead-in) maid. Bonehilda is a great worker and addition to your family. She’ll scare away any criminal and can even extinguish most fires. Just don’t expect to have any deep conversations with her.

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