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: August 2012
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And only some vampires sparkle…

I have to admit, I’m a big vampire fan and I love a great vampire story. Sparkly or not, there is something  about a good vampire/werewolf rivalry that is just awesome.  As we talked about the Supernatural experience, we decided that you simply couldn’t have werewolves and witches without also having vampires to round out the group. We thought long and hard about the best way to bring vampires into The Sims 3 Supernatural, as The Sims 3 Late Night had already done such a great job. After brainstorming and exploring several different ideas, we decided to hold onto the core of The Sims 3 existing vampire that we all know and love, but to add in a slightly different look and feel of a more intimidating, mesmerizing creature of the night.

Lots of people have asked on the forums and twitter what ‘more intriguing’ really means and how these vampires in The Sims 3 Supernatural will relate to the vamps in The Sims 3 Late Night, so I’m here to tell you, straight from the Guru’s mouth! If you do have vampires in your game from The Sims 3 Late Night, these vampires will be updated to have the new form and functionality of The Sims 3 Supernatural vampires when the game is installed. All the cool things your vampires could do The Sims 3 Late Night will remain, e.g. reduced aging, advanced speed and skill gain, offering to turn people, drinking from Sims and hunting. Plus they will get some cool extras. One point of clarification, if you do not have The Sims 3 Late Night installed, no need to worry, you will still get vampires in your game with the installation of The Sims 3 Supernatural.

In addition to the awesome The Sims 3 Late Night vampire functionality, The Sims 3 Supernatural adds some cool things for your vamps to do. Vampires can now be created and fully customized in CAS from the start of the game. Your Sims no longer have to wait to get bitten by another vampire in town. We’ve also added some new objects for vampires, such as an updated version of the altar bed and the vegetarian plasma orange juice (a yummy quick snack from the fridge).

Vampires also have some fun new social interactions to make them feel more mesmerizing and intense. I like Warn Away as it’s great for telling the story of forbidden vampire love. Intimidate is another one of my favorites. It’s a way to scare other Sims, but not all Sims are so easy to push around. Some people think it’s cool to be intimidated by a vampire; others are more willing to take intimidation as in invitation to fight.
Have you ever sent your vampire out for a quick bite, only to be rejected by your chosen victim? With Hypnotic Gaze your vampire can convince strangers that being bitten seems like a great idea.

Sims have some new interesting ways to interact with vampires as well. If you have found a vamp that you really don’t like then Imply their Mother was a Chupacabra or Threaten to Exploit their Weaknesses! Did you fall in love with a creature of the night, but really hate their schedule and constant need to nibble on your neck? Ask them to forsake their powers and see if your love really is true.

In addition, vampires can brew a special elixir to help get them outdoors and in the sunlight. Your vampire will no longer have to worry about passing out due to sun exposure. If you are a fan of sparkly vampires, then try out the Vampiric Sunscreen elixir that will provide your vampire with hours of sparkly outdoor fun!

One last thing to mention, vampires have a new immortal lifetime happiness reward that has a number of effects. Having this reward will completely stop them from aging, allow them to be in the sun without any penalties, will never have them be rejected when taking a drink of blood from another Sim and will need less plasma in order to survive. However, side effects of this reward may include slight sparkles…!

Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into the world of witches and vampires. We had so much fun working on these player types. The animators ran around practicing and filming intimidation. The fx artists studied ice cubes in search of the perfect ice blast. The designers and producers dueled furiously around the office to practice wand poses. We hope you have as much fun playing with them in The Sims 3 Supernatural as the teamdid creating them! This is all for now but be sure to stayed tuned for more updates to come as we are just a few weeks away from the launch of the game.



Posted by: SimGuru_UK