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: January 2012
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Hi all! My name is Theresa Chen and I\'m a producer for Our team works hard every day to provide you with new features and ways to share and connect with others in our awesome Sims community!


I love it when people add me as a friend on, especially when those friends leave me messages. We have so many awesome and helpful fans of The Sims\u2122 3 game. Seeing the profiles of those that add me as a friend reminds me of how many of you guys really support this fun and diverse game.


But what I find especially fun is when I find out the friends I know outside of community happen to be avid players of The Sims 3 too! It\u2019s great being able to connect with them about playing The Sims 3.


We at The Sims studios created a feature that will allow you to find friends through Facebook and ask them to join you on Here\u2019s how it works: 


  1. From the Community Page, in the left-side column, click the \u201CAdd Friends via Facebook\u201D link. 
  2. If you are not already logged in to Facebook, a login window will appear. Once logged in, a window with the message, \u201CBe My Friend on!\u201D will appear with a textbox above.
  3. Feel free to add your own personal message in the textbox and then click Share. This will make a post on your Facebook Wall asking your Facebook Friends to come visit you on

Give it a try! Did any of your Facebook friends surprise you by being The Sims 3 players too?

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